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We are proudly organizing a symposium within the Organic Chemistry Division at the upcoming Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) meeting in Vancouver from June 4–8 entitled “OC in 2023: Highlighting the Diversity of People and Pursuits”.


This symposium will showcase the ever-broadening definition of who organic chemists are and what organic chemistry is, with the goal of actively promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) within our discipline. We have an excellent and diverse lineup of confirmed invited speakers (see below), and we are actively seeking contributed talks for our session.

Please consider submitting your abstract to our symposium! We welcome talks in any area of organic chemistry (broadly defined) as the goal of this symposium is to showcase the diversity of people and their pursuits. You may choose to speak about the research in your lab, EDI work, or a combination of the two – the format is open and up for interpretation!

More information about the conference can be found on the CSC website.


Christine Le, York University

Marc Adler, Toronto Metropolitan University


Confirmed invited speakers

Prof. C. Rose Kennedy (Rochester University)

Dr. Greg Hughes (Merck)

Prof. Jean-Denys Hamel (Lethbridge University)

Prof. Kevin Kou (University of California, Riverside)

Prof. Nicholas Ball (Pomona College)

Prof. Patricia Zhang Musacchio (Worchester Polytechnic Institute)

Prof. Sophie Rousseaux (University of Toronto)

Prof. Tehshik Yoon (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Prof. Rebecca Davis (University of Manitoba)

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