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We are a synthetic research group in the Department of Chemistry at York University focused on the

design of new organic and organometallic reactions for applications in drug discovery and development


June 2023

  • Our paper Synthesis of Carbamoyl Fluorides Using a Difluorophosgene Surrogate Derived from Difluorocarbene and Pyridine N-Oxides was awarded the 2023 JOC Outstanding Publication of the Year! Read the ACS Interview with Christine and the YFile news article.

  • Christine co-organized OC in 2023: Showcasing the Diversity of People and Pursuits at the 2023 CSC Meeting in Vancouver with Prof. Marc Adler.

  • Congratulations to Alex for winning the 1st Place Undergraduate Poster Presentation Award at the CSC meeting!

May 2023

  • We bid farewell to Alex and Yuriko who successfully defended their CHEM 4000 thesis projects and will be pursuing their PhDs at the University of Chicago and University of Michigan. 

  • New undergraduate students Angela (NSERC USRA recipient) and Darnella (CHEM 4000 student) join the lab. Welcome!

April 2023

  • Our review article on the "Carbofluorination of π-Bonds and Related Reactions Involving Tandem C−C/C−F Bond Formation" was published in EurJOC as a part of the #NextGenOrgChem Special Collection. Congrats Ali and Dusty! 

  • Our MITACS Accelerate Grant in collaboration with Prof. Chris Caputo was successfully funded.

  • Christine is part of an NSERC CREATE grant led by Prof. Sergey Krylov on Technology-Enhanced Pharmaceutical Discovery that was successfully funded.

  • Alex is the recipient of the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award. 

November 2022

  • Congratulations to Dmytro for winning a MITACS Globalink Research Award to continue his research project in our lab.

September 2022

  • Christine was awarded the 2022 Petro-Canada Emerging Innovator Award. Read more about it in YFile News.

August 2022

  • Our group's first paper is published in J. Org. Chem. and was selected as an ACS Editors' Choice Article. Congratulations to Dusty, Tristan, and George!

  • Dmytro joins our lab as a MITACS Globalink Research Intern from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in Ukraine. Welcome! 

July 2022

  • Tristan successfully defends his MSc thesis, marking a milestone in the Le Group as the first student to graduate.

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